Goldonna News 11-30-2021

If you were to ask anyone in Goldonna exactly when the Christmas in the Park celebration began, you may receive varying replies. But if you ask Eugene Garner, he can almost tell you when the seeds were planted and when it began to sprout and grow! One thing the entire Village can agree on is the fact that they all love and cherish the Christmas season and the visitors that it brings to the area.

One of the many special characteristics that lends itself to the celebration is that it is one hundred percent funded by donations and fundraisers direct from the residents and area businesses. Mr. Garner promised one of the founding members that it would always be free and open to the public. This also means that the vendors who participate are also not-for-profit.

The vendors are made up of local churches, non-profits, youth groups, and schools. This was designed many years ago to keep the focus of the celebration as a joyous time for families and the entire town to get together and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Through the years it has been mentioned that the Village may want to extend invitations to private vendors to potentially earn more profits. At this time they are staying with the original design of the celebration but are not ruling out future changes.

The Christmas in the Park Celebration is managed by, hosted and presented by the Village of Goldonna which includes the alderman. The celebration would not be possible without the hard working committee who plans all year long as well. Mr. Eugene Garner has been a volunteer of the CITP since its inception.

It is not too late to purchase a Split the Pot Ticket! Rumor has it that the pot is now over $1000 and still growing daily! Please contact Mayor Smith or Eugene Garner if you would like to purchase a ticket.

There is still plenty of room in the parade route if you want to scoot in! Please contact Jade Burke at 318-471-8976 if you wish to participate. You will also be able to find more information about Goldonna Christmas in the Park on their new Facebook page. A link will be shared soon.

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