Former Winn Parish Deputy Sheriff and Store Owner Charged in Shooting of Unarmed Intruder

Winnfield Police officers responded to a shooting in the 600 block of East Main Street late Saturday night. Upon arrival, officers encountered Michael Foshee, who, along with his wife, owns the Main Street Barber Shop. Foshee reportedly received notice of a break-in of the shop from his cell phone while asleep at home. He rushed up to the shop, found the intruder still inside the business and shot him in the leg. He then called police and reported the shooting.
The burglary suspect was identified as Tommy Joe Flowers, Jr, age 20, of Winnfield. He was treated for a minor wound and released by Winn Parish Medical Center personnel where he was then placed under arrest for the charge of Simple Burglary. Flowers was unarmed and has a history of some mental disorders. He was allegedly struck in the face by Foshee after being shot.

Also arrested was the store owner, Michael Foshee, for 2nd Degree Aggravated Battery. Both were booked at the City Jail and housed at the Winn Parish Detention Center. Foshee had been a Winn Parish Deputy under previous Sheriff A.D. “Bodie” Little.

Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter stated he would like to remind people to “not take the law into their own hands,” as in most cases will result in an arrest. He reminds citizens to call 911 in cases of emergencies.

Winnfiled Police Department Press Release 7-5-2021

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7 thoughts on “Former Winn Parish Deputy Sheriff and Store Owner Charged in Shooting of Unarmed Intruder

  1. Michael Foshee did the same thing I would have done. All arresting the business owner does is give criminals the go ahead to break the th he law. This is rediculous.k

  2. I agree with the other comments. This is ridiculous! Obviouly he didn’t shoot to kill, just to keep him there for the police. Mr. Foshee should not have been arrested!

  3. So they are encouraging the public to not take the law into your own hands? How bout congratulate this citizen for doing your damn job…The citizen does have the right to protect his property doesn’t he? I mean should he have just called police and sat at home fingers crossed they don’t destroy his property and belongings? I guarantee you that the 20 year old Flowers thief will not break into that establishment again, hell maybe not break into anything again. Well done Mr. Foshee.

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