Fall Festival Marches Through Downtown Winnfield

It all started at 5:30 Tuesday evening, Halloween.  Actually a little bit earlier, as a few eager parents or grandparents with small children began walking down Main Street to explore all of the Fall Festival (Halloween/Trick-or-Treat) possibilities that stretched all the way from the Methodist Church to the west to the Museum, just over the railroad tracks, to the east.

Barricades  blocked off the entire strip and a police and fire department presence ensured that the pedestrian traffic that swelled to over 1000 was not in harm’s way of motor traffic.  Costumed youth, children and babies in arms and in strollers passed down one side of Main Street then back up the other to have their bags filled with treats.

Down one the museum end, children enjoyed costume contest and pumpkin competitions.  Up on the Methodist Church end, hotdogs and chips have become a staple favorite.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends seemed to enjoy moving along in the throng of celebrants and many in these higher generations were not shy about getting into costumes themselves.  By 7, darkness had pretty much set in, the considerable candy supply has been decimated and folks began making their way carefully back to their cars.

And, as was once said in news stories about soirees like this, a good time was had by all.