Do You Provide a Service to Children or Parents? Highlight Your Service at the Back to School Bash

Calling all places of service! If you provide a service to families, we have a great opportunity for you. 

We are hosting our annual Back to School Bash.  At this event, each place that provides a service can have a table to showcase what they can do for the community. 

Do you provide piano lessons, dance lessons, maybe karate or gymnastics? Do you help with counseling services, or maybe medical services?  Are you a business that provides rentals for birthday parties? 

We want to show the community what they have on hand in Winn Parish to help them provide for their families.  This is a free event to parents, children, and vendors. As a parent, who wants to get off work and travel 30-40 miles to make sure their child has every opportunity to flourish when all we need could be right here in our own community.

For further information, please call Kimberly at 318-413-0040 or 318-729-6756.  Help the people you want to help by showing them what you got. We never know what service is in our area.  

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