District 22 State Rep Gabe Firment Signs Petition to Override Governor’s Emergency Proclamation

In a Facebook post posted late last night District 22 State Representative Gabe Firment announced, “I would like the citizens of District 22 to know that I have signed a petition that would override the governor’s emergency proclamations that have restricted our Constitutional freedoms to earn a living, provide for our families, and worship as we see fit. We are a free people who have the right to make our own decisions regarding our health, families, and livelihoods. We need signatures from 53 representatives to override the governor’s Order and reclaim our personal liberties and independence.”

Edwards announced on Monday that Louisiana was not ready to move into the next phase of lifting business restrictions under the White House-approved guidelines because the state does not meet federal criteria. Those factors include decreasing reports of COVID-like illness, decreasing new case counts, decreases in the percentage of tests administered that come back positive, and decreasing hospitalizations.


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