Dear Republican Voters of District 31C: Remember to Vote

The final election of 2020 will take place on Saturday, December 5th and it is important for all voters to show up and vote if you have not voted early.

It has been my honor to serve as your representative on the Republican State Central Committee – District 31C and I am asking for your vote to allow me to continue to serve as your voice on the RSCC.    

During my tenure on the RSCC, the Louisiana Republican Party has made significant progress in advancing its conservative policies for the good of our state.  Our major policy positions are pro-constitution, pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-business, a strong national defense, and responsible healthcare for all of our citizens.

We now hold a majority of the seats in the state legislature and most state-wide offices.  In view of our success, we need to keep the team at work.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Very truly yours,

Rick Nowlin

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