CPA Delivers Clean Audit Report To Winn Police Jury For 2022 Activities

The concluding remarks by CPA Nicholas Fowlkes that the Winn Parish Police Jury has a clean audit brought smiles to jurors at their regular July 17th meeting.

The auditor with the Alexandria CPA Kolder, Slavenand & Co., LLC, gave his report of the annual audit just completed (January 1 through December 31, 2022). He described three aspects of that financial examination. As to the accounting side, Fowlkes reported that no changes need to be made in the manner that the parish is making current payments against long-term debt.

In the matter of federal monies, he explained that whenever a government entity receives more than $750,000, a single audit must be conducted. As the parish body worked with $3.7 million in federal funds last year, the single audit was conducted and the CPA confirmed that he found no instances of noncompliance.

The third aspect of the audit deals with internal controls or how the body handles day-to-day procedures. Fowlkes explained that time does not allow an auditor to review every action made. “I cannot look at everything, but I did not report any findings. There were no deficiencies, so it was a clean audit essentially.”

In other action, the jury agreed to assist the Village of Dodson by grading the Henry Kornegay Road, the red barn Road and Keith Street. Similar assistance was afforded to the village of Calvin with a request to perform side boom bush hogging inside the pond, lavish at Calvin oxidation pond.