Correctional Officer at Winn Correctional Center Dies from COVID-19

Mr. Lewis Edward Dempsey, Jr, 57 of Winnfield passed away Wednesday, June 10th at Christus Highland Hospital in Shreveport due to complications from COVID-19. Lewis was a Correctional Officer at Winn Correctional Center (WCC) for 19 years where he earned the rank of Lieutenant.

In a post on organizer Dochia Doughty posted about Lewis’s battle with the virus.

“While we all read and hear about the extraordinary number of deaths from the pandemic, May 1st began the story of Lewis’ continued battle for his life with CoVid-19. He would not find out that he had the virus until the following Monday when sheriff’s deputies advised him to seek medical attention.”

You can read her heart-wrenching telling of Lewis’s heroic battle here: Prison Guard’s CoVid19 Battle

Lewis received the news that he tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, May 4th, as Winn Parish Sheriff Cranford Jordan continued to deny that any employees at WCC had tested positive for the virus. WPJ has received unofficial reports that “at least a dozen or more employees have tested positive for the virus.”

WPJ has reported previously on employees of WCC growing concerns over improper safety procedures and lack of personal protection equipment inside the facility. “It’s not hard to connect the dots that indicate that most of the positive cases in Winn Parish are directly linked to employees of WCC exposure to the virus and then bringing it home to their families and the community,” said one employee who out of fear requested to remain anonymous.

There has continued to be a discrepancy between the website official count of positive detainees at WCC and Jordan’s personal Facebook page where he posts official Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office information. As of 4 PM, Saturday Jordan reported six (6) positive detainees at WCC while reported 23.

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