Community Food Pantry Always Ready to Serve

Whether it’s during the heat of summer or the chill of winter, volunteers at the Community Food Pantry are ready to serve local families who need a little help putting food on their table.  Once every four weeks, enrolled families can come to the First Presbyterian Church (right across from Southern Funeral Home) to receive a free bag of groceries.  They also get a little something extra which volunteers call “Lagniappe.”

This community service has been taking place for decades, not so much as a service of the church but through a network of volunteers from many churches and faiths.  Those who are enrolled keep coming back on a regular basis.  Those who wish to take part are invited to simply arrive during the Food Pantry’s Thursday operating hours to come in and bring an ID and some proof of income.  “We don’t want to turn anyone away,” say organizers.

The Community Food Pantry here in Winnfield is open each Thursday from 12:30 until 2:30 p.m.   The plan is so simple that recipients receive curb service.  They drive up to the church and park.  Volunteers come to the car to confirm their registration and bring them a bag of groceries and Lagniappe.  (As mentioned above, newcomers should come inside for their initial registration).

This delivery plan was developed during the COVID years when the Food Pantry developed this system of safely delivering groceries without missing a single week of service.

It was also noted that the Food Pantry always welcomes new volunteers for the many aspects of the process:  registration, bagging groceries or Lagniappe, delivering to cars, sorting and stocking shelves, breaking down boxes, record keeping or just generally assisting.  Getting involved is as simple as walking in during operating hours and saying, “I’d like to help.”