Clergy Corner with Father Brian Seiler

Christian Coronavirus Challenge

The past two months have been challenging for us all. Some have suffered sickness and pain, others have worked to exhaustion to help keep our society going or to care for the ill, and many others struggle with doubts and confusion as they have lost their paychecks and are facing difficult financial decisions. For Christians, we have seen the practice of our faith declared non-essential and have had to adapt to our current situation with drive-in or live-streamed services on the internet. As the communal aspect of our faith is challenged, we must lean more heavily on our personal relationship to the Lord. Every Christian must first be a humble obedient disciple of Christ. We should read the Word of God each day and spend quiet time in prayer, so that we develop the ability to hear His voice and recognize it. The scriptures promise that God can bring good out of anything for those who love Him, so if we trust in Him and cooperate with His grace we may find that this time which has removed us from many of the distractions of our daily life has transformed our priorities and our lives going forward. I pray that this time has fanned the fires of desire to gather together as Christian communities to worship God and serve our communities, and has increased the intimacy of our relationships with Jesus Christ through daily scripture reading and prayer.

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