City to Launch Feeding and Tutoring Enrichment Program as Schools Cut to Four-Day Week

Mayor Hamms gave a short presentation at the conclusion of the Sept. 12 Winnfield City Council meeting and won approval from the council to launch a meal and school enrichment program on Mondays, now that the parish system has moved to a four-day week.  

He indicated that since some families depend on the school food program for their children, the four-day week “leaves an open day.  This would be similar to the summer feeding program.”  The plan also calls for an after-hours program Tuesdays through Thursdays.

The city will partner with the Food Bank of Louisiana, Hamms said.  Site for the program will be the Tommy Hamms Memorial Building, at no cost but the city will be responsible for utilities.  Time would be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays.  The plan will also offer after school enrichment and meal from 5 until 7 on Tuesday through Thursday.  Weekly cost would be $20 per child for children grades 1 through 8.

For registration, parents will bring in their children and will be instructed on the parameters of the program.  Registration records will be provided for the Food Bank.  “This is something the kids need,” said the mayor.  “It’s our way of giving back.  We’re now getting organized and encourage adult who wish to work and volunteer for serving and tutoring to contact
City Hall.”