City of Winnfield Regular City Council Meeting

Winnfield City Council (Council) held a Regular City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 6 PM via Zoom Meeting.

Old business at the meeting was voting on Ordinance number 5 of 2020 which would amend section 2-80 of Ordinance number 1. Ordinance Number 1 prohibits the use of city vehicles for personal use, prohibits city employees from leaving city limits in a city vehicle unless for city business and states city vehicles should be parked in designated areas when not in use. The ordinance excludes police and fire department employees from the restrictions. Ordinance 5 would add electricity and water department employees to the list of employees who’s use of city vehicles would not be restricted. Ordinance 5 was introduced by District 5 Councilwoman Teresa Phillips. District 2 Councilman Gerald Hamms remarked in opposition to the introduced ordinance. Ordinance number 5 was adopted with a 5 to 1 vote. Councilman Hamms was the only nay. 

The second action item under old business introduced by District 3, Councilwoman Sarah Junkin  was Ordinance number 6 of 2020 an ordinance to amend Ordinance number 19-64D. The original proposed amendment was in effort to help commercial water customers in the event of a water leak by capping the amount they can be charged. After finding out that this type of cap would be extremely difficult to determine since each commercial customer uses varied amounts of water and could possibly end up costing the city more money Councilwoman Junkin changed the proposed amendment to add the wording “in the event of a water leak the commercial customer is to contact the city  utility department and an adjustment will be made on the sewer users fee.” Ordinance number 6 was adopted with a unanimous vote.

Minutes from March 6, March 3 and March 10 meeting was accepted. 

New business was a discussion presented by Councilwoman Phillips regarding 911 address. She expressed the need to have 911 addresses posted on each home in the city by July 1, 2020. Phillips also advised that a reminder would be put in the utility bills to remind customers. 

Meeting was adjourned.

To watch a live recording of the meeting you can visit the Winn Parish Journal Facebook page.

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