Chief Political Writer Speaks to Rotary Club of Winnfield

Chief political writer for the Monroe News-Star, Greg Hilburn spoke to Rotarians on Wednesday at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Winnfield.

Greg was invited to speak to the Rotary by Rotarian, Jack McFarland. When introducing Greg, Jack stated that he has enjoyed working closely with Greg during Jack’s terms as a Louisiana State Representative. “Although we are friends that don’t stop Greg from going against me in his articles sometimes, that’s okay I don’t hold it against him I just may not take his calls for a while” stated Jack jokingly.

Greg gave an entertaining speech full of funny antidotes, some of them straight from the capital floor. He explained that journalists can sit very close to the podium when the legislature is in session and are often able to here interesting and sometimes entertaining side conversations. Greg also described his experiences covering President Trump’s visits to Louisiana in 2019 and the 2019 gubernatorial race. “I’m excited about the 2020 session where we have a Democratic governor and a Republican super-majority in the house and senate because it ensures that only really good legislature gets passed and that what does pass is usually really vetted” Greg stated. Greg also, made everyone laugh when he recounted accompanying gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone on a commercial shoot that was noticeably very expensive and asking him “exactly how rich are you, Eddie?”

Greg also expressed that he loves coming to Winnfield and does so once or twice a year. “I especially enjoy stopping by to look at the statues of Earl and Huey and taking the required selfie with them to post on Twitter.”

Greg Hilburn also writes for The Shreveport Times, The Alexandria Town Talk and The Lafayette Daily Advertiser.

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