Chet Atkins Seeks Office of Winn Parish Tax Assessor

Campaign Announcement

Chet Atkins is a candidate for Winn Parish Tax Assessor. He, his wife Miranda, and their sons, are proud citizens of Winn Parish. Chet grew up in East Winn Parish and was raised with Christian morals and values. He loves Winn Parish and is committed to preserving it, while also working for economic growth.  As a licensed real-estate agent, he is uniquely qualified to serve in this office.

Winn Parish is one of the last four parishes in the state that does not have parcel maps on the internet. As our next tax assessor, Chet is committed to putting maps of property ownership online. He wants to create an easily accessible website for the Assessor’s office with information on tax data, as well as links to other related resources. This will be done with the intent of gaining the interest of out of state investors, therefore inducing economic advancement. 

He also intends to work with fellow parish officials, fireman, police officers, school board members, and others, and desires “effective communication, cooperation, and coordination.” He states that he plans to “network with business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to highlight Winn Parish as a centrally located hub in our State that can provide numerous job and business opportunities.” 

The candidate asks that you vote for Chet Atkins, #49, this October 14th!