Charm School and G-School Prepares Winn Parish Youth for the Future is Huge Success!

By: Kaycie Kile
WPJ Reporter

Saturday, October 8th, the young men and women of Winn Parish (grades 9-12) had the opportunity to take their imminent homecoming experiences to the next level! Thanks to the innovative thinking of Sharda Foster, Winnfield native and founder of “Scholarship Sis,” over 25 participants convened for two separate events centered around the concept of fine dining, etiquette, and  numerable other valuable skill sets necessary for transitioning successfully into the next stage of their lives.

Charm School (the young ladies’ session) began after noon at Winn Parish Library, within the meeting room. With no lack of strong female leads in the room, including Phyllis Booker of Louisiana Girl Rock, For Their Future Foundation, Christina Gray of Gray Area Financial Services, Renoda Turner-Washington of Diverse Commonalities LLC and author of 21 Pearls, and Martreica Fobbs of Confident Girls Rock Ministries, the young ladies in attendance dove right in. Topics and instruction of the afternoon included dining etiquette, poise, posture, heel selection, “God-fidence,” “classy isn’t costly,” and much more.

G School (short for gentlemen’s school, the young men’s session) began at 3 pm within the Recreation Center. Their session was guided by the men of Gamma Psi and the Grambling Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, including Winnfield natives Stephon and Steven Wilson. The brothers of both branches traveled from Grambling, TX, and Ruston, LA, to give back their time and knowledge that Saturday afternoon. Kappa Alpha Psi’s objective is to “Inspire service in the public interest,” a statement made evident by the consideration and care put into the instruction. Topics covered that afternoon include chivalry, the protocol for escorting your date, ethical business, and dress attire, ending with a brother-to-brother educational tie session. Both chapters were grateful for the opportunity to speak to the young men, standing by their motto, “Achievement in Every field of Human Endeavor.”

Ms. Foster has been overwhelmed by the community’s positive response and says Charm and G School will return in Spring 2023 with new content and more speakers! If you would like to sponsor or contribute to this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Foster as soon as possible to ensure that next year’s opportunity is bigger and better! Sharda would also like to take the time to thank her 2022 sponsors: Big Birds Wingz and Seafood, Twisted T’s Kitchen, Ada Hall Councilwoman of District 2, Ebony’s Essentials, and Mayor Gerald Scooter Hamms and any others that contributed to the day.

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