Catch of a Lifetime

Arcadia resident Tim Trahan made his fishing catch of a lifetime on Memorial Day, June 30, when he pulled in a bluegill that tipped the official scales at 2.235 pounds, crushing the existing Louisiana state record of 1.61 pounds. Trahan is in the process of getting this trophy catch certified.

“That’s not a fish, it’s a dinner plate!” exclaimed his brother Jason in Dandridge, TN, after Tim sent him a text with the photo. The local significance of the catch is that Tim is the brother-in-law of Winnfield native Laura Holeman Trahan.

Trahan, a Houma native, had been looking for a state-certified scale after boating the bluegill that morning and made his way to K&M Coffee, Corks &  Camo in Farmerville. Just the size of the fish brought drawn breaths as he unzipped his cooler and when he laid it on the scale to reveal the record weight, comments of congratulations were “Awesome!” and “That thing’s massive.”

The fisherman figured that the bluegill may have weighed slightly more when he first pulled it out of the water that morning. “It took me a while to figure out where to find this certified scale.” He said he was fishing for bass on a private pond using a Super Fluke when the fish struck. He would not initially reveal which pond but will have to supply that information for his state record certification.

As he stepped into the weighing room, Trahan had quipped that his wife would likely cook the fish stuffed with peppers and onions. The bluegill may actually be stuffed and mounted on the wall at K&M.

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