Brent Chandler Speaks to the Rotary Club of Winnfield

Brent Chandler owner of DBM Computers in Winnfield was the guest speaker for Rotarian Jerry Price. Brent’s love of computers started when he was in fourth grade when he started writing code on the Commodore  Vic 20. 

Brent gave an explanation of exactly what the CLOUD means which is an abstract term for a computer server connected by the internet owned by a company storing information for you. Other catchphrases he explained were artificial intelligence or computer learning which are misleading because computers are no where close to human intelligence, they just guess a lot and have algorithms to make them seem intelligent. 

Brent enlightened Rotarians on a new trend in computer software called SaaS or Software as a Service. SaaS, is a cloud-based service where instead of downloading software to your desktop PC or business network to run and update, you instead access an application via an internet browser. The software application could be anything from office software to unified communications among a wide range of other business apps that are available. This offers a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Key advantages of SaaS includes accessibility, compatibility, and operational management. Additionally, SaaS models offer lower upfront costs than traditional software download and installation, making them more available to a wider range of businesses. The major disadvantage of SaaS applications is that they ordinarily require an internet connection to function and once you quit paying for them you no longer have access to them. Another trend is IOT or Internet of Things such as you watch, phone and even your doorbell are all computers. IoT is a network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data. A simple way to put it, is you have “things” that sense and collect data and send it to the internet.

2020 will most likely see the end of physical media such as CD drives, Brent stated. Most computers purchased today do not have CD drives or DVD players. Most all media is streamed now making these devices obsolete. 

Brent explained Bitcoin, the future extinction of all phone service provided by copper wire, how cable service will be transmitted by cellular towers in the near future, password safety and challenges of keeping memories such as pictures safe and accessible when technology changes so quickly.

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