Bob Holeman Takes Helm at Winn Parish Journal

Gene Autry sang it first: “I’m back in the saddle again.” Who would have thought that after 35 years inthe weekly newspaper business here and in Coushatta, I’d come back to the news business using this newonline medium?

I had the opportunity to launch the Winn Parish Journal six years ago but declined as I was still gettingused to my retirement lifestyle that began late in 2008. That opportunity arose again recently and Idecided to step out into this informational platform that is new to me. The Journal has the potential toprovide reliable news coverage for the community that has been good to Diane and me for nearly fourdecades. That’s a service I hope to provide.

Those who watched my work through 25 years at the Winn Parish Enterprise will understand that I willbring no personal agenda, no political agenda to my work at the Journal. Those of you who are younger,please be assured that I’ll strive to provide coverage of community events and unbiased reporting of newshappenings in the issues of the Journal.

I would ask your patience at the outset as this old dog learns this new trick. But I’ll come around to theNew Way. I’ve learned, for instance, that even if a meeting is long and fact-filled, I need to write a storythat is short with facts condensed. There’s more to learn.

Please subscribe. It’s free. If you looked up the Journal at, click the red “Join”button at the bottom. The same thing applies if you arrived at the Journal via Facebook. There is no costand the Journal will automatically arrive in your email early in the morning on publication day. Rightnow that’s Wednesday but we look to expand once we get our feet on the ground. The more subscriberswe have, the better the Journal. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your children andgrandchildren who’ve moved to others parts of the country and want to stay in touch with happenings intheir hometown.

Thanks for all.