Board Hears Report on AHS Materials

Winn Parish School Board members, in response to questions at their Oct. 2 meeting, heard that equipment, supplies and materials that may still remain on the Atlanta High School campus are gradually making their way to other schools in the parish.

“It’s an ongoing process,” replied Supt. Alfred Simmons.  “Teachers, principals, janitors and all are going out and taking what can be used elsewhere.  Everyone wants to see that everything is used.”  He pointed out that some equipment would be more damaged than useful if disconnected so it would remain on the property.

In discussion during the committee session a week earlier, the board viewed their next action on a parishwide maintenance tax renewal.  A prior effort had failed, the officials feel, more from lack of information than from opposition.  The board will be advised in upcoming sessions on the tax that “needs to be passed and on the books by December 2024.”

Dodson High School was in the “School Spotlight” on the board’s October agenda and principal Wendy Miller told the members that “great things are happening at Dodson.”

The recent Open House drew more than 300 to view what is going on at the school while organizers and children alike are looking ahead of October 24 when the school will hold the community Fall Festival.  A feature of the “Spotlight” is a view of student achievement at each school.  Mrs. Miller introduced fifth grade teacher Jennifer Page.

Mrs. Page explained that her class was reading “The Birch Bark House” and introduced three students who had built replica birch bark huts using the Native American method to craft their models.  The students were sisters Bacey and Brilynn Pritchet and Elijah Shell.  Asked how they’d done this, the reply was that thin wood strips were soaked in a solution, shaped into a mold and allowed to dry in place.  Mrs. Miller said the projects were to be entered into the parish fair.