Board Hears Preparation Reports Monday as Schools Brace for First-Day Rush on Tuesday

The Winn Parish School Board met Monday night in regular session and heard reports on back-to-school preparations as Winn’s system anticipated the arrival of students for their first day the following morning.  “We’re looking forward to the challenge,” said Supt. Alfred Simmons.

Members heard that parish schools are as prepared as can be expected for this time of year.  Generally it will take a week to 10 days for attendance numbers to settle down enough before class sizes can be determined, Simmons responded to a board question.  Additionally, while WSHS stood two teachers short on the eve of opening day, all other schools were described as “full” in reference to teachers and all of those hold a university degree.

Simmons told the board that there may be some uncertainty with some of the para positions but he explained that as normal for this time of year and anticipates that those posts will be resolved as school gets underway.

Board members raised the question on school bus drivers.  Simmons explained that Winn, like our many surrounding parishes, is having difficulty finding enough drivers.  Several individuals are in the process of securing their needed CDL license but the superintendent explained that is a lengthy process, even when the driver is fast-tracked.  Again he is confident that this issue will be resolved and even in the short term, Winn will be able to handle all transportation needs.