Blessed: LordsTime.Com

One of the most tiresome things that a single or divorced person hears entirely too often is, “Why aren’t you dating anyone?” or “Who are you dating?”.

Albeit, I am just as guilty. Or nosey. I am always asking my single friends “who, what, and why”. It is just human nature to think that one should not be alone. My famous answers to all of these questions are “I am dating my children” or “I don’t know, it is all in God’s hands.”

My closest friends do not even ask anymore. They just know that I am waiting on the Lord. They also know that my daughters keep me so busy during the extra minutes of the day that are not dedicated to work. This doesn’t mean that I do not enjoy all of the jokes that come along with being divorced and alone. Just recently a single coworker and I had a great time laughing at all of the folly that comes along with online dating. We both agreed that we believe that no one tells the truth online but it is pure entertainment to discuss.

We have all seen the online dating profiles that have us laughing with side-splitting pain. We jokingly recalled the time that she spent many hours perusing We laughed way too hard as we remembered all of the funny photos and descriptions. We then moved our humor to and the older we get we talk about Just this past week my coworker told me she has given up on all of the datings, looking, wishing, wondering, and dreaming. She said she is now waiting on (This is fictitious)

We both chuckled and I couldn’t help but acknowledge that is what we all should be doing. Wait on the Lord’s timing and not our own.

Wouldn’t life be exquisitely simplistic and reassuring if we could merely visit a website and research the plans the Lord has for us? In my eyes, it would be a website that you never get locked out of or have to change your password. No one could hack into it and the information was always up to date with whatever crisis that may come our way. The page would be an easy-to-read format with a short list of colorful tabs as the headers. “Click here to see the Lord’s timing for…. you fill in the blank.”

Seems like it would provide instant peace but it would also be extremely boring. Whatever you are waiting on the Lord for, keep waiting. When you are tired of waiting, wait some more.

If we had all of the answers to our life’s questions at our fingertips there would be very little room left for trusting and obeying. There would be no reason to keep believing in his goodness, his will, or really even his love for us. Above all, it would cut out the glorious journey. Every day that we get to wake up, breathe, and spend time in the word and work for him is a blessing in itself. If we focus on doing his work and serving others then everything else will fall into place when it is truly the Lord’s timing.

“He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11