Bank of Winnfield Named Business of the Year

Amanda Taylor (center) gave the presentation for Business of the Year, with the winner being Bank of Winnfield which has served the community since 1901.  Accepting the award were president Buddy Heard and senior vice president Kim Nevils.

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The Bank of Winnfield was named “Business of the Year” during the Winn Parish Chamber of Commerce & Tourism during their October 12 annual banquet.  Who are we?

The Bank of Winnfield opened its doors in 1901 – serving the Winn Parish community during an era most people can hardly imagine today. The bookkeeping was done by hand with pen and ink, and the bank was lighted using kerosene lamps. From those humble beginnings and throughout more than a century of social, political and economic upheavals, the Bank of Winnfield has persevered to serve our community.  We take pride in that.

The bank was organized by S.W. Smith, Jr. of Shreveport, who served as its first president. Other officers were George P. Long, vice president; J.T. Wallace, second vice president; and Henry T. Pye, cashier. The Capital stock was listed at $50,000. Succeeding Mr. Smith, the following served as president in the order named: George P. Long, Henry T. Pye, Bryant W. Bailey, J.E. Carter, Joe R. Heard, Richard Cooper Heard, Richard Charles Heard, and Robert P. Heard.  In addition the bank has had many long term, devoted officers, employees and boards of directors.

Over the years, the Bank of Winnfield has gained attention throughout the U.S. for our black cat logo which can be found on our stationery and checks.  There is an interesting story behind this symbol of a hump-backed black cat.  Around 1907, when J.R. Heard became associated with the bank, it was decided the bank should adopt a logo.

Mr. Heard and bank president H.T. Pye were experienced lumbermen and members of a national lumberman’s association called the “Concatenated Order of the Hoo-Hoo” (which still exists today).  The emblem of the group was the famous Hoo Hoo Cat which was adopted as the bank’s official symbol.  The now famous crouched cat is still a fixture at the bank.

We serve a primarily timber-related economy and are focused on promoting its growth as well as the financial well-being of those who earn a living from this industry.  We are dedicated to serving Winn Parish, its citizens and businesses.

The main office of the bank has occupied its present location since 1961. We have also added a Northside branch location to better serve our customers. We have built a bank that is financially strong, and we also draw great strength from our most valuable assets – our people.  At the Bank of Winnfield, we pledge to continue serving you with superior financial services for many years to come.