Back to School Dates and Calendars for Winn Parish

The countdown for the new school year has begun, and thankfully with the first day kicking off this next Tuesday (August 8th), you won’t be remiss about the few fingers it takes to figure it out. 

Schools will still adhere to the five-day week for the remainder of August. After Labor Day (September 4th), the Parish school system will operate by the new four-day calendar (Tuesday-Friday) until the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

Winn Parish Bell Schedules:

Calvin: 7:50 am–3:45 pm
Dodson: 7:45 am–3:45 pm

WPS: 7:49 am–3:40 pm
WMS: 7:45 am–3:40 pm
WSHS: 7:50 am–3:46 pm

Upcoming Open Houses:

CHS: August 7th, 6–7 pm
WPS: August 4th, 4:30 pm–5: 30 pm
WHSH: August 2nd, 8:30 am–11:30 am

Please send all first-day/back-to-school photos or additional school-related content to to be featured in our next edition.