Back to Back Book Clubs; Overbooked Edition

By: Kaycie Kile
WPJ Reporter

Some of us seek salt and sun beyond our four walls, and others dream of seclusion with 24/7 air conditioning. One individual’s summer pleasure could easily be the absolute nightmare of the next, so it’s reassuring to see our community cater to the former, the latter, and even the grey area concerning both points of view. We’ve had our fairs, festivals, parish library programs, outdoor movies, and now my favorite, book clubs. 

‘Overbooked’ of Winnfield (est. fall of 2021), co-founded by local bibliomaniacs Nikita Etheridge and Megan Rackley, had their first ‘catch up’ meeting this past Thursday (June 16th). Fellow club members met after several weeks of intermission to accommodate the family and fans of the recent ball season. Despite the lapse of time, warm conversation and laughter quickly blossomed before exploring the different experiences of two stand-alone historical titles;” The Lost Apothecary” by Sarah Penner and “The Tiger Queens: The Women of Genghis Khan” by Stephanie Thornton. 

The first book to be dissected that evening, “Tiger Queens” by Thornton, doesn’t waste time immersing you deep within the twelfth-century felt-tent cities of the complex yet ruthless warlord Genghis Khan and his golden family. The strength of the women we shadow inside these pages creates such an emotional and fascinating hold that it’ll have you thinking on it weeks after you’ve finished. “The Lost Apothecary” by Penner is an atmospheric and suspenseful parallel that winds you through the back alleys of the late seventeenth century to present-day London. A meld of murder, loss, and rediscovery that brings three lives to collision across centuries—all because of a little mishandled glass vial. Whether you’re piling your summer reading list high or just seeking an escape you won’t have to travel far for, both books are worthy adventures to consider. 

So if you need out of the house, or perhaps you’ve convinced yourself it’s time to get out of your comfort zone, remember Overbooked has an open door policy and has already lined up Thursday, July 14th for the next page-turning encounter. For more details regarding the next meeting or questions of interest, please see the public group named “Overbooked, Winnfield book club” on Facebook. Keep in mind that if this all sound a little overwhelming, or maybe you just like knowing all your options, we’ll be taking a closer look at The Social Coffee House’s newly established book club meetings next week. So stay tuned; a little variety never hurt anyone!

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