Autumn Leaves Nursing & Rehab Gets Creative to Facilitate Patients Visiting with Loved Ones

The staff at Autumn Leaves Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Center) are getting creative to make sure that residents still get to visit with family and friends.

On March 12, 2020, the Center announced that in response to concerns related to COVID-19, they would not be accepting visitors to the facility until further notice.

Since the announcement, they have started using IPads and allowing “window visits” to facilitate residents being able to visit with their family and friends. The facility goes as far as taking an IPad to the visitor’s car in the parking lot to allow them to visit with the resident that is still inside the facility. Many family members have also placed plants, garden signs, and garden flags outside the resident’s windows. These items cheer and reassure the residents. Reminding them, they are in their family’s thoughts.

WPJ spoke to Judge and Mrs. Jacque Derr regarding their loved one that is a resident of the Center. “How do we even begin to put into words how difficult this time has been for the residents of Autumn Leaves Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and their families? Our precious loved one is unable to see her family and really does not understand. But we have the peace of mind to know that she is safe. We want to express our appreciation to Teddy Ray Price, Jimmy Dale Zimmerman, Matt Walton and all of the staff for everything they are doing to give peace and comfort to our loved one and to us. We go every day to make sure all is well. Although we cannot see her or talk to her face to face we know Autumn Leaves is doing all that is possible to keep her safe and as happy as possible. The aides come out daily to pick up Meemaw’s ice cream that we bring. The aides always have smiles on their faces and assure us that they are taking care of Meemaw. The nurses are in constant contact with us. We even got to face time Meemaw. This lockdown has been difficult, but at least we know that everyone is trying to do the best they can. We appreciate Autumn Leaves.”

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