Autism Indicator Now Available on Louisiana Driver’s Licenses

Eligible Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles customers can now request to have an “Autism” indicator added to their driver’s license. Qualified applicants include any person diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by a qualified medical or mental health professional. The autism indicator will appear under the customer’s picture on the license.

The autism indicator is optional and can be removed from a credential at any time, as requested by the applicant. The “Autism” designation can be displayed on any class driver’s license, including the TIP, but may not be placed on Class I (Identification Card) or Class H (Handicap Identification Card) credentials. Applicable fees are required for driver’s license processing if adding or removing the Autism indicator.

Applicants must provide one of the following documents to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles in order to have the designation added:

  • Medical Examiner’s Certification of Autism Spectrum Disorder form completed by the medical or mental health professional
  • A statement from a qualified mental health professional licensed in Louisiana or any other state or territory of the United States verifying the applicant’s disability.

A driver’s license with an Autism indicator cannot include the “Veteran,” “I’m a Cajun” or “100% DAV” indicators. The Autism indicator can only be combined with the “Needs Accommodation” indicator. If the driver’s license indicates “Autism,” but not “Needs Accommodation,” a puzzle piece symbol will appear on the license with the autism designation below the picture. If the driver’s license indicates both “Autism” and “Needs Accommodation,” the autism designation will appear below the picture in addition to “AN” above the picture.

LA Wallet users can display the Autism indicator on their license in the LA Wallet app. If an applicable license is currently linked in LA Wallet, simply unlink the license in the menu and add it back to get the updated image.

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