AS WE SEE IT: JANUARY 2021 – Lets Get Started

By: Tim Christopherson – ALC President

There are many unknowns facing our Logging Families following the 2020 elections and for most of us, there are many unanswered questions that we would like to have answers to.  Will the new appointees installed by the new administration effect what we do as Loggers?  Will the changes in the agencies that are involved in Logging and Trucking reverse the gains that we witnessed in the last four years?  Will we see more regulations on our industry that have negative impacts on our operations?
Of particular interest to many of us in the Western States and other federal timber sale dependent communities across the United States is the improvements that we have seen over the past four years in the ability of the U.S. Forest Service to put up timber sales with more success and to actually increase the volumes being offered.  Will that continue?  Stay tuned.  

As of this writing, today, we received notice that the COVID Relief package being voted on this afternoon contains a $200 million dollar component that is being set aside for logging and log trucking businesses across the U.S. that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  How will this be distributed?  What determines your eligibility?   The American Loggers Council and its many state and regional associations have been working to have those logging and log hauling businesses included in the package, but with success comes more questions, again… stay tuned!

Once the Presidential election is finally confirmed, we will know who we are working with and we will start a plan of attack to get our Logging and Trucking issues back on the table, working with whichever administration is in the White House.  So far we have weathered Administration changes over the past 26 years and have been able to work with decision makers on both sides of the aisle on multiple issues.  Our job is and will remain to educate those incoming legislators on our industry while keeping those veterans in Washington, DC updated on the issues that are impacting us the most.

In the meantime take a look at our website,, and take the 2020 ALC Logger survey while you’re there. Our Facebook page also contains information on the American Loggers Council and what we are up to.  Both these pages will keep you updated on what’s going on at the ALC.  You can also find the latest information on what programs and how to apply for relief allowed in the COVID Relief package as they becomes available.

Tim Christopherson is the co-owner of Dabco, Inc. based out of Kamiah, Idaho and serves as the President of the American Loggers Council and Past President and Board Member of the Associated Logging Contractors, Inc. in Idaho.  For the past several years he has walked the halls of Congress in Washington, DC with members of the American Loggers Council advocating for issues that would benefit the logging and log trucking profession.

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