Aquatic Weed Kill

A blessing from the recent ice and snowstorm may be control of aquatic weeds that are found in local bodies of water. Grand Bayou Reservoir had a recent draw-down to help combat the nuisance of invasive species.

District 22 State Representative Gabe Firment is hopeful that the cold helped. Firment said, “Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries is hopeful that the recent Arctic blast killed much of the Giant Salvinia plaguing our lakes. This would be great news for those who live and play on Iatt, Nantachie, Hardwater, Saline, Clear, and Black Lakes.”

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries called it, “Ready for some good news? Louisiana’s recent extreme weather will result in a reduction of harmful aquatic weeds across the state.”

LDWF is currently evaluating impacts of the freeze on aquatic vegetation coverage; it will take several weeks for all the dead plants to decompose and drop from the water surface.

Aquatic weeds can become incredibly dense, inhibiting access to waterways and shading out native vegetation. To help control the impacts of these kinds of “invasive species,” we encourage boaters to be diligent with cleaning boat trailers after a day on the water.

When springtime weather returns, you can request LDWF assistance for areas with actively growing aquatic vegetation here: (Click on “Request Assistance with Invasive Aquatic Vegetation”).

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