Angler’s Perspective: The Fall Migration Has Begun

By Steve Graf, Owner/Co-host: Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show

During the year, there are seasonal changes that bass go through. In the Spring, bass have one thing on their minds and it’s called the spawn. It’s when they reproduce and make thousands of baby bass once the water temperature hits anywhere from 58 to 62 degrees. Here in our region, this will start sometime in late February and can run into the month of May. Then you have what we call the post spawn period where the bass go through a feeding frenzy and recover from the spawn. This is also when their summer migration begins and they head for their summer haunts and set up the duration of June through September.

But when the days start getting shorter and the nights begin to cool down, this is what triggers the fall migration. This transition happens mainly during the months of October and November. It’s actually one of my favorite times of the year to fish due to the fact that many anglers have headed for the woods in search bushy tails and Mr. Buck leaving our lakes less crowded. Fewer people on the lake means less pressure on the fish and can make catching them a little easier. Just like the post spawn, once again a feeding frenzy ensues as bass fatten up for the long winter season feeding on baitfish or anything that swims.

If you’re wondering what baits to throw, well it’s pretty simple, throw anything that resembles shad. Topwater baits, spinner baits and shad pattern crankbaits will help fill your livewells. A couple of baits have been staples for me in the fall, a Strike King KVD shad pattern 2.0 and a Bandit 200 series, both mimic the size of the shad for this time of the year extremely well. If you want to really get your blood flowing, tie on a white buzzbait for some good top water action. Again, this time of year is an awesome time to go fishing for the reasons I listed above, less anglers on the water and the feeding frenzy that’s taking place. So rather than catch and release which I encourage all anglers to practice, save a few to drop in some grease and enjoy some great table fare. Till next time, don’t forget to set the hook!

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