“…and Bears, Oh My!” The Winn Parish Bear Hunt is On!

The past few days have seen an explosion of the bear and other animal populations in our area. Keen-eyed hunters of all ages can spot bears and other stuffed creatures in every part of the parish. No need to call out Animal Control; however, the Bear Hunt has been organized to help keep youngsters occupied while school is out during the Corona situation.

Local State Farm Agent Laurinda Crenshaw added another layer of fun by posting about her businesses bear on her personal Facebook page: “Go by Laurinda Crenshaw Agency! Post a pic and pm me your address and I will send you a backpack! Let’s have fun!!!!”

This delightful idea has spread all over the country, and other nations, as people place stuffed bears and other animals in their windows for passing children to “hunt” as they go outside with their parents. It is an excellent way for the whole family to have fun together while being safe.

The Winn Parish Journal gave it a try and spotted several bears as well as birds, several Easter bunnies, and a few hogs ready for decorating. The bear hunts are a beautiful example of our community coming together in trying times.

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