A Sneauxball in Winnfield

Just in time to provide the people of Winnfield with a reprieve from the hot weather, a new local business offering snowballs has opened up in Winnfield. Southern Belles Sneaux located at 5794 Hwy. 167 N is open Monday – Saturday from 12 PM – 6 PM.

Locally owned and operated by Winnfield Senior High School student Macy McFarland, Southern Belles Sneaux delivers a sweet treat to battle the heat.

They offer lots of traditional flavors as well as an upgrade to the snowball game called extreme snowballs with flavors like strawberry cheesecake, unicorn, and death by chocolate. 

McFarland plans to keep the stand open until November and reduce the operating hours to opening up after 3:00 once school starts back up. Her friends, Madison Grandadams and Tessa Long, help her man the window serving customers.

McFarland told the WPJ that she’d had an excellent response from the community so far. “I’ve watched my parents work hard all my life, and that has shown me the harder you work the more successful you’ll be, and I need to work hard so I can pay my Dad back for buying all this,” stated McFarland who is the daughter of Jack and Shelly McFarland.

Southern Belles Sneuxballs offers extreme snowballs, snow shakes, snow lifts with energy shots, and sugar-free flavors. You can find them on Facebook at Southern Belles Sneaux Facebook

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