A Message From Louisiana Loggers Association and PAC SB 471 Needs Your Support

SB 471



Logging Hauling Commercial Liability Insurance: by Senator Robert Mills and Representative Jack McFarland

Provides for the Louisiana Timber Transportation and Safety Act

This bill was written to Mirror the medical mal-practice bill of the late 70’s. Doctors were leaving Louisiana because there were no writers and insurance premiums were so high they couldn’t afford to practice. Putting a cap on frivolous lawsuits for people taking advantage of doctors. Flash forward to present day and Loggers and Log Haulers are facing these same issues. Billboard attorneys and ambulance chasers have permeated our industry and in result have influenced premiums of commercial liability to SKY ROCKET!! The Logging industry is teetering! We weather the weather, low quotas, low or no timber markets, an economic, oil and health disaster and this MONSTER called the commercial liability crisis.
During these last few months, the Louisiana Loggers have kept our heads down and moved slowly but surely while other major industries could not!

The Mal-Practice “cap” was something I had heard of years ago, I even asked the Governor about it when he met with the Association last fall. This bill SAVED the medical industry and STOPPED people from taking advantage of such! I briefly discussed this topic months back with a few legislators. Then, rainy season, COVID-19, oil and economic crisis. Loggers are in “survivor mode”. While we have been WORKING, these legislators have been WORKING FOR US!!!

SB 471 is regulation to put a cap on commercial liability insurance for log haulers.

• There will be a cap $500,000.00 on GENERAL DAMAGES which include “pain and suffering”
• There is NOT a cap on SPECIAL DAMAGES which include, loss wages, bills, gas, etc (anything you can receive a bill for)
• On medical charges there is also NO CAP, but the bill does include ACTUAL COSTS (ex. if your doctor’s cost is going to be $10,000.00/year for the rest of your life…..your attorney can NOT shop for a doctor that would cost $50,000.00/year to award you more)
• CREATION of the TIMBER TRANSPORTATION & SAFETY OVERSIGHT BOARD which will be overseen by the Commissioner of Agriculture will be a fund that Loggers and Log Haulers can pay into that will provide representation for mandatory mediation.
• To be elligible Log Trucks will have to be equipped with GPS, cameras, and on-board scales. CDL holders will have to maintain up to date driver training, along with “hands free” devices inside truck.

Billboard attorneys and ambulance chasers have made their living off of our backs, taking the LIFE out of our LIVELIHOOD. Louisiana Loggers know that all lives are precious and this bill is not to devalue someone’s pain and suffering. Louisiana Loggers know all too well how this crisis has caused pain and suffering to us and our families.

Remember: people buy as much insurance as they can afford NOT as much as they think a LIFE is worth!

**under current law only $25,000.00 is required on gross weight less than 50,000lbs (bodily, injury, or death of one person in any one accident)
**under current law only $100,000.00 is required on gross weight greater than 50,000lbs (bodily, injury, or death of one person in any one accident)
Liability Limits of a Log Truck

CONTACT your SENATORS and explain that this bill could SAVE our INDUSTRY!!
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If you have any questions and/or comments

Toni McAllister

318 729 1726

You can read SB 471 here.

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