A Message from Councilwoman Elect Ada Hall

I believe in the 4 R’s, which are Rules, Rights, Respect and Responsibility and that everyone should follow this. That is why at 73 years of age I decided to stand up and do my part to make a change in our city government.

People tend to look the other way when things happen and it doesn’t concern them. It is our civic duty to take part in the dealings of our town. A lot can be accomplished if we work together.

I am most grateful to the supporters and my family for helping me get elected to this office. I could not have won without a strong support system.

I can promise you that I will try my best to get some stuff done, but please know there are procedures that must be followed. Change doesn’t occur overnight. My ears will be open and I welcome your thoughts and questions about what we can do to make good things happen in Winnfield. May God bless you all.

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