30th Anniversary of Blaze Movie Promoted at Kiwanis After Hours

Winnfield Mayor George Moss and Lindlay Howell

Mayor George Moss and Lindlay Howell were at the Kiwanis After Hours meeting Monday, February 17th, to promote the 30th anniversary of the movie Blaze which was filmed in Winnfield. Former Mayor Max Kelley was responsible for the movie being filmed here. The movie was filmed a little more than 30 years ago but it was released 30 years ago. George Wyatt was very involved in the filming and he has a wealth of information available.

There is going to be a week long celebration the last week in August which is Huey and Earl’ birthday. They are going to recreate Earl Long’s downtown campaigning. There will be tours of movie and filming locations. Some of the places are no longer there such as the Winnfield Hotel but they plan to recreate where they can and place markers.

They are trying to work with Billy Nungesser and the Tourism to have Winnfield placed on the Louisiana Film Trail.

There will be T shirts and posters available commemorating the 30 year anniversary. They are looking at other ways to involve people and promote this event across the state. They also looking for volunteers to come on board and help them.

The main event will be a Re-Premiere of the movie Blaze at the Civic Center. It will be a Red Carpet evening with paparazzi and all kinds of other exciting happenings.

The Kiwanis Club thanks Chad and Kim Vines for the delicious meal at the ChaddyShack.

*Article provided by Kiwanis Club

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