2020 LA Legislative Recap


Campaigning last year it soon became apparent that Louisiana’s second highest in the nation auto insurance rates were on the minds of just about everyone across District 22. Insurance reform was perhaps the number #1 issue discussed during the campaign and during the 2020 Regular and Special Sessions.

I’m pleased to announce that the governor has signed a comprehensive “tort” reform bill into law(HB 57) with bipartisan support from both houses of the legislature. This important legislation will go a long way in removing Louisiana from its longstanding reputation as a “judicial hellhole”, and will help create an environment more friendly to families, small businesses, and industry.

The Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020 will bring competition to the personal and commercial lines of auto insurance leading to more companies doing business in the state and offering lower premiums. Our hardworking loggers, aggregate haulers, and truckers desperately needed these important reforms to be implemented before exorbitant insurance costs forced them out of business.

We also passed SB16 which protects our armed services personnel from having their auto insurance rates raised while deployed.

We passed a series of bills designed to strengthen our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep & Bear Arms. We also passed a couple of laws that may be of interest to hunters, including HB159 that makes it legal to kill feral hogs year round.

I look forward to working with my colleagues in the years to come to continue these important reforms to the legal system and insurance market. Thank you.

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