Winnfield City Council Votes to Suspend WPD Officer Dustin Davis

The Winnfield City Council voted Tuesday night to suspend Officer Dustin Davis for 60 days without pay.

As the City Council addressed an agenda item labeled “Police Personnel” Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter, stated that he was there to discuss his recommendation.

After an approximately one-hour executive session for the council to hear Carpenter’s recommendation, Councilman Hamms made a motion to suspend Officer Davis for 60 days without pay. 

According to sources, disciplinary action was warranted for a serious infraction of department policy stemming from an incident between Officer Davis and another female officer in February of this year.

Davis, a 6-year department veteran, has been on paid administrative leave since the incident was reported. The suspension unpaid suspension begins immediately. As an officer under the Municipal Civil Service, he has the right to appeal the council’s decision to the Winnfield Municipal Civil Service.

The Winnfield Police Department commented “The Winnfield Police Department does not comment on ongoing investigations,” when contacted by the Winn Parish Journal.

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8 thoughts on “Winnfield City Council Votes to Suspend WPD Officer Dustin Davis

  1. “an incident between Officer Davis and another female officer”

    The incident was he walked up and put his hands between her legs. “disciplinary action” should have involved termination. This guy should never work in law enforcement again!

  2. I’m glad because when he came to my house becaus of a Anonymous call… every time I tried to talk the fucker would interrupt me basically I didn’t even have a voice… I’m glad someone said sumn he should have been fired… instead of a 60 day leave…

  3. If he touched an officer he will touch an inmate. He shouldn’t be paid to go sit on his ass after doing this. Winn police department BEEN corrupt!

  4. He should be fired then arrested for such perverted behavior. He has done this before glad he finally got caught. He is the most disrespectful officer/person i have ever came in contact with.

  5. This guy is about as disgusting as it gets! He should be fired no doubt and doesn’t this pervert have a pregnant wife?

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