The Louisiana Conservative Caucus Opposes
Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate

The Conservative Caucus opposes OSHA’s unilateral COVID vaccine mandate that will hurt businesses, employees, and our economy. We stand ready to act.

OSHA unilaterally decided that all Americans who work at companies with 100 or more employees will be required to have the COVID vaccine by January 4th or endure weekly tests. This was passed without debate or input from Congress or state legislatures. By robbing the people of their voice, bureaucrats have robbed the people of their freedom of choice.

This unAmerican mandate disincentivizes businesses from hiring more employees, encourages some businesses to downsize, and forces some employees out of their careers. Further, we all know that the mandate will soon apply to companies with 75 or more employees, then 50, and so on until everyone’s right to choose is taken away from them. The only exception would be if you work for the state since their employees are exempt from OSHA’s mandates.

At a time when we have inflation skyrocketing and a significant portion of our state is still recovering from hurricanes, we can’t afford to have additional burdens placed on our businesses or risk more hardworking employees being forced out of their jobs. If businesses have increased burdens, their employees suffer and our state loses. Our state’s long-term economic recovery relies on free-enterprise and fiscally responsible policy that encourages business growth. An unAmerican mandate that disincentives business growth, hurts taxpayers, nd ultimately harms our state’s already bleak fiscal forecasts is the last thing Louisiana needs right now.

While others have been talking about the vaccine mandate, the Conservative Caucus has been researching a legislative solution to actually prevent the mandate from being enforceable in Louisiana. We don’t believe that the citizens of this state should be relying solely on the courts to protect their jobs or their right to make their own healthcare decisions.

We are encouraged by our Speaker’s pledge that under no circumstances will the Louisiana Legislature allow a government vaccine mandate to stand in Louisiana. Since that time has come, we look forward to joining him in preventing this unAmerican mandate and protecting the taxpayers of this great state. Our citizens are ready for action, and the Conservative Caucus stands ready to act.

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