Louisiana Legislature Update from Buck Vendersteen, Executive Director of Louisiana Forestry Association

Governor Edwards vetoed the Omnibus Insurance Premium Reduction Act passed by both chambers of the Louisiana Legislature during the 2020 Regular Session. SB 418 would have made major reforms to the judicial system and begun lowering automobile and commercial truck insurance costs.

The Louisiana Legislature began a Special Session on June 1st, moments after the Regular Session adjourned.

One of the items in the Special Session is HB 44 by Representative Garofalo. This bill is very similar to the original SB 418 before amendments and conference reports made SB 418 less attractive to insurers. This was another bite at insurance reform and is critical to efforts to lowering insurance costs.

HB 44 came before the full House of Representatives on Monday, June 15th at 1pm. HB 44 finally passed in the house, adopted, ordered to the Senate with yeas 74, nays 25.

In House Civil Law Monday morning June 15th, Representative Jack McFarland had HB 60 set for a hearing. It is titled the Premium Reduction Act of 2020 and is another effort to lower insurance costs through judicial reform.  The Bill is schedule for floor debate on June 18th.

Senator Heather Cloud’s SB 395 in the Regular Session bringing truth in advertising to attorney billboards and other media was also vetoed by Governor Edwards.

The Governor also vetoed SB 406 by Senator Mizell providing broadband high-speed internet service to rural areas.

Governor Edwards did sign into law HB 442 by Representative McFarland increasing the weight of log trucks to 92,000 pounds with a special $100 permit. The bill became Act 84 and is effective June 5, 2020.

If you have questions about a piece of Legislation you may email us too at lfa@laforestry.com.

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