Gabe Firment: Letter to the Public

On the same day that a Republican was elected governor of Virginia because parents rejected the hateful Marxist teachings of Critical Race Theory, the Northwestern Presidential Search Committee voted to name a radical CRT proponent as a finalist.

Kim M. LeDuff is currently Vice President, Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer,
University of West Florida, Pensacola.

Here is a sample of her publications:
LeDuff, Kim. “Critical Race Theory: Everything Old Is New Again.”
Campbell, C.; LeDuff, K.; Brown, R.; and Jenkins, C. Race and News: Critical Perspectives.
LeDuff, Kim. A Gumbo of Opinions: Just Add a Hurricane, Racism, a Rise in Violent Crime, Political Corruption

Our higher education systems must stop embracing Socialism and stop teaching our kids to view the world through a lens of oppression and racism. We must reject the hateful tenets of CRT just like the citizens of Virginia did yesterday.

Gabe Firment

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