Gabe Firment, District 22 State Representative Legislative Update

The Legislature’s petition terminating the public health emergency, endorsed by the House Republican Delegation and signed by a majority of the House of Representatives, was delivered to the Governor around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. This petition is self operative. It terminated the Public Health Emergency. As a procedural formality, the Governor shall issue a proclamation or executive order terminating the public health emergency. The Governor has no discretion in terminating the public health emergency!
My signature on the petition is not an indication that I deny the very real facts that this virus is highly contagious, can be deadly, and should be taken very seriously. However, as free citizens we also understand that life is not without risks, and that relinquishing our God-given Constitutional rights for perceived security can only lead to further restrictions of liberty and eventually despotic totalitarianism.
We have been assured by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry that the House’s actions are lawful and constitutional and he is confident in his opinion. In addition to executing the petition, we also passed legislation that would clear up any conflict with the interpretation of the Legislature’s involvement in the emergency order process and ensures that the next time this type of situation occurs, a bipartisan and collaborative approach will be used to respond. That legislation(HB-4) currently sits on the Governor’s desk for approval.
Please know that I take my job as your state representative very seriously, and I will always make decisions prayerfully with input from those I represent. There is absolutely no doubt that the overwhelming majority of District 22 citizens agree that it is time to move on and reclaim our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Enjoy your constitutional freedoms again! But while doing so please be safe, mindful of others and exercise common sense safety precautions to protect yourself and your family from all public health risks including COVID19. We trust you Louisiana!

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