Exclusive Q&A Interview with WPSB Superintendent

The Winn Parish Journal is excited to announce an exclusive interview Q&A with Winn Parish School Board Superintendent, Steve Bartlett.

To clarify any question and address concerns with the plan to re-open schools outlined at the Winn Parish School Board Special Meeting held earlier this week, Mr. Bartlett will answer questions submitted by parents. 

“I will do absolutely anything to help ease parents’ minds during this very uncertain time,” said Bartlett when the WPJ requested the interview.

The exclusive interview will be published in the Friday, July 31st edition of the WPJ. Questions may be submitted to wpjwinnla@gmail.com

Due to time constraints the number of questions may be reduced from the number actually submitted. We will do our best to fit as many questions in as possible.

2 thoughts on “Exclusive Q&A Interview with WPSB Superintendent

  1. Will all the same things be offered to and for all special needs children and what about internet service for those of us live so far out that it’s next to impossible to find and internet company

  2. Will laptops be provided for students who are going to do virtual learning that can’t afford to buy their own?

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