Community Rallies to Support Local Resident with Medical Expenses

Over the past year, local Goldonna resident, Kristin Dupree has sought medical attention and a diagnosis from numerous physicians regarding her baffling and mysterious symptoms. Recently, Kristin was diagnosed with toxoplasma retinochoroiditis, among other undiagnosed conditions. Kristin was recently referred to the Mayo Clinis in Rochester for her treatments. Various community members have pooled their resources in order to spend a Fried Fish Fundraiser to assist with travel and medical bills.

The fundraiser will take place on February 21, 2021 from 10:30am until 3:00pm (or until sold out) at Goldonna Town Hall. The meal will include fish, slaw, fries, hushpuppies, drink and dessert. The cost of the meal is $8.00 and they will deliver for large orders.

Kristin is married to Ben Dupree, and together they have two children.

“The Dupree family is always the first to help anyone in the community who may be in need and they give back to Goldonna every chance they get. Please come out and support this family as they struggle to find answers,” said School Board Member, Eugene Garner.

Tickets can be purchased from Mayor Jennifer Garner Smith. 318-413-7761. If you wish to make a monetary donation please mail it to: Kristin Dupree, 2686 Highway 479, Goldonna, LA 71031.

Oj Friday, January 29th, A public meeting was held at the Town Hall to discuss solutions for the dire road situation in Goldonna. The meeting was opened in prayer by Pastor George Procell. The Chief of Police, Clint Coleman, briefly spoke and reminded the crowded room that they were all there for a common purpose which was to seek solutions and not merely complain. Paris President, John Richmond, spoke about the unfortunate timing of the rain following the newly pulverized North Goodwill Road. Since the pulverization, Parish Officials (Richmond, Marty Cheatwood, Johnny Salard and various workers) have been bringing in material all week so the residents can pass safely.

Mr. Gabe Firment, spoke from a State Representative point of view and commended Parish Councilman, Marty Cheatwood, for his efforts along with the residents of the town. The residents had a chance to voice their concerns which included: North Goodwill Road, culverts, and even a missing road sign. Parish President, Richmond, addressed all of the concerns.

“I would personally like to thank Mr. Richmond, Mr. Cheatwood, Mr. Salard, and Mr. Firment for their dedication and support that they are offering the residents of Goldonna,” said Mayor Jennifer Smith.

Since all of the work on the pulverized road, the sunshine has began to shine and it has firmed up the road giving new hope to the residents.

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