Blessed – Hallmark Moment

By Reba Phelps

The Hallmark Channel and I have a complete love-hate relationship. If you have even seen one of their movies then you are acutely aware of the plots for which they are famous. As cringeworthy as they can be I have seen every single one of them at least three times and literally count the days until their Christmas marathons.

Depending on the type of mood I am in that day or how I am feeling about my personal singleness… I am either watching with loving and hopeful eyes or rolling my eyes and feeling slight disgust. Or, envy? I cannot pinpoint which. Regardless, these movies can be a bit overwhelming if you are not in the right mental space. 

One particular Sunday a few weeks ago I was knee deep in a Hallmark slump when I suddenly remembered that I needed to make a trip to Lowe’s in Alexandria to return an item. My youngest daughter was with her father so it was going to be a solo trip. Once I arrived there was a huge thunderstorm that kept me circling the parking lot until it passed or I found a parking spot closer to the door. 

The thunderstorm appeared as though it was going to stay a while so I found a spot that should have caused minimal exposure to the storm. An umbrella was nowhere to be found so I braved the elements and ran inside. Once inside the store, I made my return and found a few more items that I needed around the house. It was nice to just stroll and look without being rushed or having to hurry back for any particular reason. 

The storm had passed so it was time to checkout and leave. 

As luck would have it, when I was exiting the store, it began to rain again. I started walking a little faster in hopes of not becoming completely drenched. Just as I was picking up speed a wheel got stuck in a tiny pothole in the parking lot and I lost control of my buggy thus losing my new outdoor cushions that I had just purchased. As I bent down to retrieve them I had to keep one foot on the buggy as it was starting to roll away with the wind. 

It was the clumsiest sight you have ever seen and I was so grateful no one witnessed my embarrassment. Or so I thought. 

When I was heave-hoeing the contents back into my buggy I noticed a man walking in my direction. He obviously worked at the store and you could tell he was caught in the rain as well. He looked to be around my youthful age and he also had a really nice deep tan, a few masculine type tattoos and a very handsome face. Mind you, this was all noted within a few seconds and it was raining at the time. 

While you could tell he was headed back to the store he was clearly making eye contact with me and I just imagined he was on his way to assist me with my current situation. He must be a complete gentleman. I was getting closer to my vehicle and he was still smiling and approaching me. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be a, “Hallmark Moment.”

Sweet and handsome home improvement store worker rescues beautiful lady in the rainy parking lot who is in distress. What a precious story we would have to tell all of our friends. I had this whole movie plot playing in mind as I have watched way too many of these cheesy movies on lonely weekends. 

The closer he got the more curious I became. He was smiling, I was smiling. But…….Once he opened his mouth and spoke it was as if the world momentarily quit turning….and not in a good way. 

He very bluntly said, “Ma’am, you are parked in the curbside parking spot and you will need to move your vehicle as soon as possible.” 

The parking lot policeman was not as handsome as originally thought and he was actually a little rude as he took too much pleasure in telling me to move my car. I was feeling slight embarrassment at the ridiculous scenario but it did not steal my hope.

It was also a stark reminder that more than likely my Hallmark moment will not be found anywhere outside of the love story that God has written for me. God is still working on me in countless areas of my life and he is still healing wounds that took many years to accumulate. 

Right now, he is the only thing I can put my trust in. His words always stand true. His true love never fails. I do believe that as long as I keep my eyes fixed on him then the rest will fall into place in his timing and not my own. What he has in store for his children is something way more amazing than any Hallmark moment. 

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”

Mathew 6:33

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