3rd Annual Piney Hills BBQ!

“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” 

That’s a term we all associate with soldiers who have been out in the field, finally getting to take a short break from their duties. We’ve all seen the movies where they are in the freezing cold mountains or perhaps a wet and humid jungle. Those are just actors but in reality, for generations our proud military has been dragging their boots throughout every condition, in every possible corner of the earth. Hearing that little phrase gives them just a few moments to relax. Try to imagine what that’s like for him or her. 

 Now, you’re back at home with your family and friends. We have the freedom to enjoy a democracy and to live the life we choose. These things are given to us by the grace of the Lord almighty and backed up by the United States Military. 

On May 20th in the Village of Sikes, we will hold our 3rd Annual Piney Hills BBQ Cook off. All profits made from the event goes to the Vet Center of Alexandria. This is a BBQ contest for the backyard BBQ enthusiasts to come show what he / she has got. At 11 am, we will have a Veterans Honoring Ceremony to show our local heroes we still care and love them as a community. We will have a live band afterwards as well as selling BBQ plate lunches. There will be vendors selling various arts and crafts. While you’re here, come visit our memorial tree where you can display your own personalized ribbon for a friend or family member who has served our country but has gone to be with the Lord. You can’t miss it. We’ve “tied a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.” You can find us on Facebook under Piney Hills BBQ Cookoff. 

Come out and have a good time with us and eat some good BBQ. Also, if you got the day off and can smoke a rack of ribs and a slab of brisket, drag your pit to Sikes Louisiana and “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!”